Why Do You Need Detail Cleaning?

When hiring a service to clean, you will likely need a detail cleaning or deep cleaning right off the bat. This means that almost every nook and cranny of your space will get some attention. A detail cleaning can also be a good idea if you are moving, preparing for the holidays, or planning for a special event. Once you have a detail cleaning it can be easier to maintain the cleanliness. The tasks involved in a detail cleaning versus just a standard cleaning can depend on the company so you want to make sure you understand the specifics. A detail cleaning will also likely cost more than just a standard cleaning.

For detail cleaning, your surfaces may get extra attention. For example, in a standard cleaning, showers get cleaned and disinfected but with a detail cleaning, the shower door is given extra attention. Trash is removed in a standard cleaning but with a detail cleaning the wastebasket is also sanitized.

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